Starting CombatEdit

Combat in Eternal Autumn happens in rounds with each character acting in turn. Each round represents approximately five seconds of real time in the game. When combat begins, you must first determine the order in which the characters take their turns in each round. Turn are taken from highest to lowest Order (explained below). If combat was started by one character or side and that side clearly has an advantage, they will strike first and the remaining characters will act according to their Order. If no character or side has an obvious advantage, all characters act according to their Order.

To determine a character's Order, roll 1d12 and add the Leadership (Ldr) modifier. Any two characters with the same Order should re-roll to determine which of them goes first between them (this roll does not affect their Order position among the other characters with whom they are not tied).

Taking Your TurnEdit

During your turn, you may take as many actions as your Action Points will allow as long as you are not afflicted with a status that prevents you from acting. In general, actions taken during a turn are one or more of the following:

  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Use a skill or spell
  • Attempt to flee

You are free to attempt to perform any action in combat that you wish, the above actions are only the most common.

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